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Monument to eternal love

The Sepulchral Chapel on Württemberg Hill

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Sepulchral Chapel on the Württemberg | Exhibitions

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Monument to eternal love


Almost 200 years ago, the Sepulchral Chapel of King Wilhelm I of Württemberg was established as an eternal proof of love for his young deceased wife Katharina. Many people thus consider it as the most romantic location in the region – and this is not only true for lovers! This spot, touching because of the royal love story and compelling because of the panoramic view of the vineyards and today’s metropolis, has long since become one of the most popular tourist destinations.


A monument to the Tsarevna

The Württemberg King Wilhelm I chose the widely visible heights above the Neckar Valley as the location for the Mausoleum he erected for his young deceased wife Katharina. The monument to his great love was so important to him that he pulled down his ancestral castle for it. The court architect Giovanni Salucci designed an impressive temple for the Tsar’s daughter – elegant classicism in the Italian style. The chapel also includes a Priests’ House, also built on fine classicistic lines – after all, Orthodox priests had to say masses for the Russian Princess.


“Love shalt never cease”

The wide domed hall of the chapel is an experience – a stunning sense of space with exceptional acoustics. The Royal Vault with the tombs of the King and Queen is also impressive, while it is astonishing to realize that here – in the Swabian residence – there is actually a Russian Orthodox Church to be found, which has been here for nearly 200 years. The knowledgeable guided tours reveal to visitors numerous details of this architectural jewel with its harmonious rotunda. And they relate the whole story behind the utterly romantic inscription above the portal: “Love shalt never cease”.


High above the Mercedes star

The Sepulchral Chapel on the Württemberg with its panoramic view of vineyards and metropolis is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Stuttgart. The view to the Neckar Valley below today shows two sides of the region of Stuttgart: the green vineyards on the slopes bear witness to many centuries of wine culture. Down in the valley are the gleaming modern Mercedes Benz company buildings: this is the headquarters of the world-famous car maker. In September, you can see the colorful lights of the Cannstatter Folk Festival in the valley. King Wilhelm I and Queen Katharina founded this festival 200 years ago – today it is the second biggest folk festival in the world.


Sepulchral Chapel on the Württemberg (Grabkapelle auf dem Württemberg)

Württembergstraße 340

70327 Stuttgart

Phone: +49(0)7 11.33 71 49


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Die Grabkapelle ist malerisch auf einem Hügel gelegen

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